Green Grass all Year Long
By Staff Writer
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The time has come where you can now expect your lawn to look the same all year long.

I know for me many people believe winter in Matthews and the surrounding Charlotte area is about shutting down the lawn mower and watching the grass turn brown. If that is you times and techniques have changed and you don't have to live with brown grass.

Today many lawn care professionals employ a year long mind set for making your lawn look great. When you trust your lawn to a professional the grass stays a bright green and actually can be stripped with regular cuts in the winter.

This editorial is not about your do it yourself solutions. Sure you can cut your own grass and edge and blow and if you have the time and talent then you should do it yourself. But if your time is more valuable then standing behind your lawnmower then read on.

Lawn care has moved into timed schedules of fertilization and planned cuts with aeration schedules that are unique to the type of grass and shade you have. If you fool around with the timing pattern you can send the grass into shock or miss the window of opportunity to keep it green year round.


 If you play golf you can see that some golf courses over seed with rye and some even paint the greens to capture the green look.

A trained landscaper knows your yard and can spot the way it is going weeks before it happens. Once the landscaper studies your yard he can apply the correct nutrients and administer them throughout the year.

Many clients like the idea of a 12 month preventative program that not only does the service without a phone call but keeps the yard in a controlled pattern.

This pattern of control is what yields today's green grass for 12 months. It's not reserved for the lucky few who threw fertilizer down just in time. It runs much deeper than a burst of nitrate artificially postponing a sleeping yard.

Brent Valentine is a trained landscaper who focuses his knowledge onto a select few in the Matthews, Mint Hill, Stallings, Weddington, Waxhaw and Marvin areas of Charlotte North Carolina. He is accepting year round contracts only and will provide a year round guaranteed green yard program designed just for you.

If you are in the above areas Brent would be happy to schedule a free consultation.


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